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Educational Advocacy Solutions, Inc. is an educational advocacy firm that advocates on 
behalf of families with children who have learning disabilities in Massachusetts
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  • I am very pleased to recommend Sue as an educational consultant for parents of children with special needs. I and several other clinicians at NESCA have had clients who have successfully worked with Sue over the years. Sue is a very compassionate person with a strong ability to understand the educational needs of children with learning issues and in particular, those with reading challenges. She has a comprehensive understanding of both the assessment tools and educational curricula, as well as the current educational standards in Massachusetts. With a strong grasp of the special education laws and a superb ability to effectively communicate, I am confident in Sue's ability to effectively advocate for a child to obtain appropriate services and a well-written IEP. ~  Ann Helmus, Ph.D.,  Clinical Neuropsychologist

  • As a parent of a young teenager with a language based learning disability, Sue has educated and guided us through many IEP meetings and mediation preparations. Each meeting that Sue attends is conducted respectfully and efficiently. In fact, many of the school liaisons have personally commended Sue on her calm and respectful demeanor during the meetings. Sue understands our daughter’s academic strengths and weaknesses as much as we do, as she thoroughly reviews all of her records and comes to each of our meetings and helps us write up our parent concerns and vision statements. Sue’s help over the years has resulted in our daughter receiving the necessary services she needs to succeed in school. She will be applying for colleges next year and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you Sue!!! ~ Parents from Peabody

  • We have retained Sue’s services for virtually all of our son’s educational life. Her knowledge and expertise is nothing short of remarkable. She brings extremely effective communication skills when dealing with the school system; always remaining respectful yet assertive in attaining our goals. We owe tremendous gratitude to her for paving the way for our son to get the best education possible despite his disabilities. ~ Parent from Arlington

  • I have two children who have language-based learning disabilities and without Sue's help, I don't believe we would have gotten anywhere near the amount or the quality of services if she hadn’t been involved. Not only is she wonderful to work with, but she is well respected by both the teachers and administration and as a result makes us work better as a "TEAM". She always has her client's best interest at heart and is not willing to budge when it comes to getting your child what they need. She truly cares about her job and this has meant a great deal to our family! Parent from Tewksbury

  • We reached out to Sue at a very difficult time for our family, when our 3 year old son had just been diagnosed with PDD-NOS and his developmental pediatrician and our school system had very different opinions on the appropriate educational plan. Sue was our compass--she was extremely knowledgeable, understanding and hopeful having had a son with special needs herself. Her approach was extremely helpful to us and well received by our school system. I'm happy to say we now have our son on a great plan and he's making incredible progress. Parents from N. Reading

  • Sue was helpful, professional, compassionate and attentive. She listened to our story regarding our son and treated our situation very specifically. During school meetings, she knows exactly what to ask, when to push back, and when to let us as parents speak, which she expressly encourages us to do. We now have a strong academic plan in place for our child for all of his future years in school. We could not have accomplished this without her. ​~ Parents from Burlington

"Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times." ~ unknown